All Faith Venture

Today I found out that the company I work for lost its Contract. Unless something drastic happens in the next couple of weeks as of June 30 I will be out of a job. A new company will have the contract which means all of the employees, us maintenance workers, will have to fill out an application, be interviewed, and agree to work for the new company. That means our pay will most likely change (for the better or worse), our benefits would change, also our leave time etc. We will be starting over and I am not sure that is the path God wants for us. I can’t give all the details of company etc at this point due to some legalities but what I do know is that while I have been employed there I have enjoyed working with the crew and company. The management and team makes the job worthwhile. The reason for the switch is politics as usual. So this has left me in an All Faith Venture.

While I love working with the maint dept. that is not my passion. I love ministry and was working and praying toward going full time someway somehow within the next year or two. However, I am earnestly seeking that maybe this is the time I should begin to step out in my calling and passion rather than starting over with just another company.

My wife and I know that God is calling us to ministry and by being in full time ministry before we KNOW that is God’s will for our lives. But with having a wife, a two year old son, and a baby girl on the way, this leaves us searching and seeking the Will of God even more. My responsibility as a husband and father is to provide for my family and that is what I will do. If somehow God opens a door to step through as I step out of my current position I am ready.

So these are my initial thoughts and if you as readers would help me and my wife pray about this next step and also for the families of my coworkers. I would be honored to have you lifiting this concern. I am going to post more within the next couple of days about more of our passions and dreams but in the mean time we really desire a clear head, with the initial news I can honestly say that I had no worries. We are in God’s hands and it is his problem and trust me he can handle problems a whole lot better than I can. There is one thing that I really felt God speaking to my family as my wife and I sat down and discussed future options. So this is my mantra for this season of life….

“We can worry and let that steal our joy, passions, and dreams, or we can have faith and get excited about the doors that will open and the big things that God wants us to do for him.”