What I Learned from Arthur, YES I said Arthur

Well I get home from work a little bit ago and am running over some blog post through the tag surfer located in the dashboard, it kind of helps me to unwind. When I Read others peoples writings I feel like it gives knowledge and insight on things that I have never thaught before, and some I just pass over…However to get to the whole reason I am writing today.

Tommorow, Peyton (my son) will be having surgery for the second time this year. He has to get tubes AGAIN and also have his adnoids removed. I know this is a routine procedure for children and doctors, and it is not like this is his first time having it done, but as a parent I don’t like the fact of my little man being put to sleep to undergo an operation, no matter what operation that is.

As I was reading some we have the TV turned on to ETV so he can watch it as he plays around the house, and Arthur was on. Yes I said Arthur, you know the cartoon. Anyways DW I guess she is Arthurs sister, had to go to the doctor because of hearing problems and you guessed it. SHE NEEDS TUBES. Well that isn’t the kicker, what really struck my attention is when the DOC explained to DW the reason for the tubes, and let me say, I understood what the whole pupose and how it would help Peyton better than what I did when the doc who we gave a lot of money to just about 9 months ago explained it. If only they had a year warrenty on tubes, this visit would be free. Oh the other kicker is when I took my new job the insurance changed so guess what, I have to pay my dectubile all over again…Went off again on a slight tangent, but it is funny the things that you can learn and grasp from watching a childrens program. You know the funny thing is when the cartoon DOC expained it I had a little bit more peace and security about the procedure. That probably says that I have the mind of a child, but oh well.

Funny how God can use some of the oddest ways to bring peace in life.

By the way Peyton will be two in January if you were wandering. Well its back to hanging out with the little one and getting ready for the high school small group Chanelle and I Facilitate.

Thanks for Reading – gt