Uncomfortable Silence

I never really noticed how quiet life around the house was before kids until this afternoon. Chanelle and I sent Peyton to the zoo with Mimi and Pop Pop this morning. It is almost 6pm and they are still up in Columbia having fun.

All afternoon I have been here by myself until Chanelle got home from work and it was just uncomfortable. I am use to hearing the patter of quick little feet up and down the hall and screams for juice and cookies. Now the only sound I hear is…nothing. Even with Chanelle being home it is still just quiet. AAHHH there that breaks the silence for a moment only to go back to, you guessed it silence.

Don’t get me wrong, it was quite relaxing and it is nice to have some us time for once in almost two years but it is still uncomfortable. Hard to believe that this is the first time he has been so far away for a whole day. It’s only two hours away but still the anxiety of not having him here is uncomfortable.

I guess you could say that we have controlled chaos around our house. It can seem like it is out of control but the chaos is anything but that. Silence is good, it allows you to reflect, to renew, and remember.

After having a child I have come to the conclusion that I love noise, or do I love silence. I can’t remember. Once again in a couple of hours Peyton will be hear breaking in on what is uncomfortable to get our routine back to ordinary…gt