Blast the Tune

There is something great about volume control.  You can turn down what you don’t want to listen to and blast the tunes that really make you move. You’ve been there, driving down the road, and all of a sudden the song that brings back so many memories and good times starts playing, and the first instinct is to blast the tune. You may roll down the windows beat on the steering wheel even bob your head a little. There’s nothing better than blasting your favorite tune.

We tend to do the same thing with God. He begins to play the tune to our life, and if what he plays takes us back then we turn up the volume with our lives, and live out the song he plays. The opposite is true if we don’t want to hear the tune, that he plays for our life, we turn down the volume or either turn off the signal completely. The truth is that there is nothing better than blasting the tune he has for our life. Agree with it or not, fearful or joyful, to journey in the direction that God is moving you is blasting the tune with your life.

The Scripture: Hebrews 11:1

The Challenge: It doesn’t take much faith to know that when you turn the volume up on your music device that the tune will get louder. Following God however, is all about faith.

In your journey with Christ what is the tune that is being played? What is demanding faith and action out of you? Are we blasting out the tune or turning it down?

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