Growing, Growing, Gone

Kids are amazing. It is hard to believe how fast they grow up. Just the other night as Chanelle was holding Peyton before he went to bed I could not help but think, “before we know it he will be in and out of the door doing his own thing.” It seems like yesterday when he would lay on my chest before he went to sleep the total length from his head to his feet was no more than 25 inches. I miss those days. Now he is 18 months old and trying to do is own thing and learn new things and even though he is still very much dependent on us his independence is growing by leaps and bounds. From wanting to feed himself to get in and out of the booster seat by himself he wants to be independent.

What else can I say my little man is growing up faster than what I want, like right now he took out the hand held vacuum cleaner turned it on vacuumed around a little (i am sure he was thinking he was helping out even though there is still dirt on the floor) and then put it back where it belonged. My hope is that everyday he knows what is like to have the love of his father and mother together raising him. Yeah I know there will be some bumps in this parenting thing and maybe I am a little bi-est but I do have the BEST SON IN THE WORLD!